Inspection System

Initial Production Inspection:

·         This service is offered at the manufacturer’s premises by QEC

·         This operation takes place at the beginning of the production when your production has not started yet.

·         The purpose of this inspection is to check the quality of Raw materials, Components, Accessories and Semi-Produced Products used to start mass production.

Care at this stage avoids unnecessary reengineering delays and costs later. The reason of using Initial Production Inspection is to avoid bad surprise after the mass production starts, in which case it would involve extra cost, delay and loss of your client’s trust.


QEC will start its activity after a meeting with the manufacture representative we will focus our intention on :


·         When the production is supposed to start ?

·         Does the raw materials are already delivered ?

·         Production line capacity & capabilities


·         Product Design/Style

·         Color

·         Dimensions

·         Weight

·         Specifications

·         Sample Provided by  Import/Client etc

·         Packing Requirements


·         Product Design/Style

·         Color

·         Dimensions

·         Weight

·         Specifications

·         Sample provided by client

·         Packing


·         What to improve in order to minimize defects

·         What to improve in order to raise the quality level

·         What corrective action plan to implement before you production is over

·         If according to us the production will be on time or not


·         You get all the collected information in a well detailed and organized report.



QEC Initial Production Inspection allows you to, Detect mistake and misunderstanding from your factory earlier. , Make sure your goods are conformed to your specifications and expectations, Avoid delay and extra cost , Check the quality of your product and the reliability of your supplier, To save money by outsourcing the quality control of your product by an expert inspector directly on the field and before it is too late, Check if the factory is following to your instruction,

In Process Production Inspection:

QEC performs During Production Inspection when at least 25% of goods have been completed.  QEC ensures that the quality of products is maintained throughout the production phase, to further pinpoint problems that need earlier correction before completion of the whole production.

During this inspection, QEC inspects the production batch/Lot and those products in the line for possible defects, identifies deviations, if any, and offers advice on the corrective action plan to implement in order to ensure a uniform batch/lot of product with good quality.


·         How many finished products are ready

·         How many products already packed

·         How many products not manufactured yet

·         Production line capacity & capabilities


·         Style/Design

·         Color

·         Dimensions

·         Weight

·         Accessories (instruction manual, etc…

·         Function test

·         Construction test

·         Assembly test


·         Logo

·         Barcode

·         Stickers and tag

·         Shipping mark


·         Defects listing

·         Criticity of defects



What to improve in order to avoid defects, What corrective action plan to implement before you production is over, If according to us the production will be on time or not, In case of Intial Production Inspection performed previously, then we check if recommendations given has been implemented and respected or not.

Pre Shipment Inspection Services

QEC Pre Shipment Services ensure that finished products are in accordance with client’s specifications and expectations.
Pre Shipment Inspection is performed when at least 75% – 80% of the goods are completed, packed and ready for shipment. Our inspectors, pull a random of finished goods, based on the internationally recognized statistical random sampling technique, commonly known as ANSI / ASQC Z1.4, BS 6001-1; ISO 2859-1 and performed different checking on site to control that your products match with your specifications and your requirement.

Information/Product Sample provided by our client to our inspectors are highly recommended to perform such operation in order to compare efficiently and highlight quickly defects that may appear.

Below are listed the different steps followed by our inspector when inspecting your production for a Pre Shipment Inspection:

1-     Quantity:

·         Quantity available

·         Quantity of finished products

·         Quantity of packed products

·         Quantity of stocked products

2-     Appearance

·         Style/Design

·         Material

·         Color

·         Dimension

·         Weight

3-      Workmanship

·         Defects listing

·         Rate of defects pointed

·         Criticity of defects

4-     Functions & Safety

·         Functions present or not

·         Test of your products

·         Special test required by our clients

5-     Packing & Packaging

·         Appearance

·         Material

·         Dimension

·         Weight

·         Sealing materials

6-     Marking and Labelling

·         Stickers

·         Logo

·         Bar code

·         Shipping mark

Full Inspection 100% :

QEC also offers when goods required a particular attention about details, notably if they are products with high value,  QEC is able to perform 100% inspection of your products pieces by pieces straight in your factory.

This process happen when goods are finished but not yet packed. This process allows you to sort out defectives products that your factory may have considered as no defectives.

For 100% inspection on site, our inspectors will spend the whole day of work to check your products one by one and will carefully follow your instructions to consider whether a unit is considered as defective or not.

Stickers will be placed on your defectives product and inspected carton number will be recorded before inspector’s leaving.  This service is offered at the manufacturer’s premises.

QEC operate a verification of your product: that they match your specifications and your expectations.

Appearance: Size, color, shape, workmanship, etc.
* Function: Subject to the item inspected.
* Security of product: Rough or sharp edge, creepage, etc.
* Safety of transportation: Drop test
* Packing: Inner & outer packing, carton marks, etc.
* Conventional test: Color fastness, tension, pressure, burning point, etc.
* Professional test: Chemical analysis.

QEC provides feedback:
* Daily inspection report
* Digital photographic or video


Container Loading Inspection:

QEC Container Loading Inspection also called Container Loading Supervision, QEC  checks and supervises the loading of you container before shipment.

·         This service is offered at the manufacturer’s premises, warehouse or forwarder during containerization usually after a pre shipment  or Final Random Inspection. QEC can co-ordinate with the manufacturer to observe that the proper environmental conditions, cleanliness and integrity of the containers are adequate for the transport of the shipment to its final destination.

·         This operation is handle when 100% of the goods are ready and packed.

·         We operate a verification of your product: that they match your specifications and your expectations, and the quantities declared on the official documents (Bill of Lading, Purchase Order, Packing List, etc…) match the real situation.


Production Monitoring:

Some importers need to follow up with their production day by day at their manufacturers premises in order to ensure the right process and recommendations are applied.  QEC Production Monitoring Services aims to report daily and efficiently, production and quality status to western customers.

By getting a detailed and pictured report of your production, you are able to keep a sight on your factory everyday. React quickly in case you need to implement a corrective action plan is now possible. Getting a day by day reporting allows you to get proof that your corrective action plan has been implemented properly after transmitting your recommendation to your factory.

Our inspector become your allocated resource to act as your own QC supervisor in your factory. This service is offered at the manufacturer’s premises.

After a quick meeting with factory and production line supervisor we operate a verification of your production and quality goods on site:

– How many workers allocated to your production

– Production processes involved

– Production management system

– Production status detailed step by step and respective duration from raw materials to packing

– List and ratio of defects found on your inspected production

– Stock status

It provides feedback:
– Daily Inspection report
– Digital photographic or video

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